Davison Community Garden

A community garden can mean many things to many people. For some, a community garden is a place to grow food in the company of friends and neighbors. For others, it is a place to reconnect with nature or get physical exercise.

About the Garden

The Davison Community Garden located on Rising Street, just west of South State Road has been in existence since 2011. Plans were laid, grants requested and approved in late 2011, and provided necessary funding for start-up. The garden was fenced, plots laid out and opened to gardeners for the 2012-growing season.2015 Garden


Expansion of the garden took place during 2013 to accommodate a Hahn Middle School program for special needs students. The program is a hands-on, project based, experiential learning opportunity for students. The program has delivered positive results and discussions are underway to expand garden space and increase the number of students that can participate.